Pikkuprovinssi is for Everybody

Pikkuprovinssi pays respect to the needs of guests with reduced mobility or other special needs. Everyone is welcome to Pikkuprovinssi as they are! We aim to improve the festival accessibility every year. Accessible parking is located about 50 meters from the festival area.

Pikkuprovinssi is committed to principles promoting non-discrimination, diversity and equality. We try our best to guarantee a safe and discrimination-free event to all our workers, collaboration partners, performers and visitors.


Event address: Törnäväntie 20, 60200 Seinäjoki. Find information about the programme.

Arrival and parking

The Törnävänsaari island can be entered from several directions: from direction of Törnävä Manor House, Törnävä summer theatre and from direction of Huhtalantie over two different bridges. All entries are for pedestrians only and are accessible with wheelchair. The roads are wide and sand-covered. The nearest parking lot is opposite to S-Market Törnävä (Address: Törnäväntie 20). We recommend coming to Törnävänsaari by bus, foot or bicycle.


Toilets and an accessible toilet are located in Törnävänsaari. The accessible toilet is equipped with a baby changing table. Both toilets have the possibility for hand washing.

Seats for resting

There are seats around Törnävänsaari, mostly near the toilet/cafe building.

Löytöretki Trail

Löytöretki trail starts from Törnävänsaari. From there it goes to the park Brykärinpuisto and from there to Ruutipuisto nature conservation area. The trail goes along the pedestrian paths and turn into a forest path in Ruutipuisto. This part of the trail is not accessible with wheelchair or strollers, but you can turn into a shorter and more accessible route when arriving to Ruutipuisto. The info boards ands tasks on the trail are in finnish, but you can open the translated map with your phone. Read more about Löytöretki trail.