Pikkuprovinssi is a festival with social and ecological responsibility! We strive to achieve a sustainable festival and take account of different visitors in our decisions. A majority of Pikkuprovinssi’s activities takes place in the beautiful nature conservation area of Törnävänsaari and Ruutipuisto. The lush green environment is an integral part of Pikkuprovinssi, and therefore it is important for us to take care of the nature surrounding the event and to maintain its biodiversity with our actions.

Examples of how we implement our ecological responsibility:

  • The festival is produced using a minimum of natural resources. For example, nearly all of the art works in the area have been constructed using recycled materials, and in all production multi-annual, sustainable and rented materials are preferred. Moreover, we collaborate with other event organisers by lending and borrowing materials!
  • We make sure to implement recycling in the festival and we also offer our visitors the opportunity to recycle waste.
  • We wish to set an example and have an impact on the attitudes and environmental choices of both visitors and staff by our environmental-friendly actions. In addition, we encourage the producers of co-services, such as cafeteria and restaurant staff to offer sustainable choices.
  • Our event programme contains themes related to sustainable development and nature conservation.

Envronment-friendly actions you can take!

  • Sort your waste
  • Do not bring unnecessary items to avoid creating extra waste being left behind in the area.
  • If you bring snacks with you, sort the waste and take them to the waste bins.
  • Prefer walking and cycling, or use public transportation, when you arrive to the event. Bus timetables can be found here.

These are some of the actions demonstrating our social responsibility:

  • We welcome everybody to Pikkuprovinssi! We strive to offer everybody an experience that is as accessible as possible.
  • We consider different visitors when we plan and implement the festival programme.
  • We offer visitors an opportunity to impact the programme, for example, by conducting customer surveys and via social media channels.