Pikkuprovinssi Festival Day will take place on Saturday 20th of May 2023 from 12 am to 4 pm, in Törnävänsaari, Seinäjoki, Finland. You will find information about the Festival Programme on this page. If you have any questions regarding the festival, please contact us at pikkuprovinssi@seinajoki.fi.


12:15 Performance: Teatteri Mukamas – Hiirulainen ja Suuri seikkailu
Little Mouse is on a trip with his friends. Suddenly, the bike’s tire bursts and the journey stops. This is where Little Mouse’s Big Adventure begins. How do the friends solve the problem? Will they manage to fix the tire? And what happens in the meantime? This joyful performance for the whole family combines circus, dance and puppetry. The performance is in finnish. Free admission. Duration: 35 minutes.

13:00 Concert: Children’s Music Band Päistikka
Päistikka is a four-piece group orientated towards children’s music, formed in 2014. Set up by a theatre and music industry professional, the line-up has released two studio albums: Päistikka (2015) and Lähtölaskenta (2020). In addition, the band has released several singles with music videos. Päistikka’s music is written and composed by the band itself, and the themes are suitable for the whole family. The band invests not only in musical fun, but also in performance moments, and always brings a suitable amount of interactivity and storytelling to the stage. The performance is in Finnish. Duration of the show: 45 minutes.

13:45 Circus Performance: Helmi Malinen – Uuden Alku
The ‘Uuden alku’ performance is a visual and playful hula hoop work. Come and see what a new beginning feels like and what it does in the form of a work!

14:00 Circus Performance: Kai Kuutamo Show
The Kai Kuutamo Show is based on a combination of speech, improvisation, comedy and spectacular juggling tricks. Interaction with the audience has an important role, which is why the performance has been enjoyed by both children and seniors over the years. What you can see in the performance includes skilful handling of footballs, catching tennis balls with the ears, a ball catapult from Pansio, juggling up to eight balls, and a unique diabolo fishing rod trick.

15:00 Dance Performance: Glow Dance
Dance performances by children’s performing and competing groups. The Glow School of Performing Arts offers dance enthusiasts and professionals high-quality dance education and activities in the performing arts. Duration of the show: 15 minutes

More programme

12:30 & 13:45 Storytelling picknick

Pack your own picnic lunch to bring with you and sit down to listen as the people from the library read their favourite stories. Between fairy tale sessions, you can explore the selection of books, and if you have a library card with you, you can borrow the most interesting books all the way home! The programme is arranged by Seinäjoki Library. The stories are in finnish.

12:00-16:00 Festari-päristin – Craft workshop

Make your own festival instrument! Festari-päristin is an instrument you can play by blowing air into it. The workshop is suitable for all ages, the smallest children can participate together with an adult. It takes about 15 minutes to make.

12:00-16:00 The ‘I Hope You Grow’ art workshop

‘I Hope You Grow’ is a picture book workshop where people make their own story cube and picture book with a partner. It is not necessary to be able to write in the workshop and it is well suited for multilingual people and those of all ages. The workshop will be led by Pii Anttila in Finnish and Alan Bulfin in English. The non-stop workshop, max. 10 participants at a time.

12:00-16:00 Circus and parkour workshop

In the circus workshop for the whole family, they will get to know the small tools of the circus under the guidance of the instructors. In the parkour workshop for the whole family, they will get to know the basics of parkour under the guidance of the instructors.

12:00-16:00 Old-time outdoor games

The museums of Seinäjoki offer an opportunity to try old-time outdoor games. The programme includes, among other things, wooden legs and horse shoe throwing.

Cat yoga

The cat Mindy Mau invites everyone to try cat yoga, which is aimed at cat-minded children and adults of all ages. You can spot Mindy Mau around the festival area.

Musical playgroup and instrument experimentation

Come play in the music workshops and learn about different instruments! In the workshops for toddlers (ages 0–3), children play together with their parents, and in the workshops for ages 4–7, children make music without an adult. Thematic workshops encourage children to join in making music through play. How does the trumpet sound? How does the violin feel? In the instrument experiment, you can try different brass and string instruments. Duration of the workshop 15 minutes.

12:15 and 14:15 Musical playgroup for 0-3-year-olds
12:30, 13:30 and 14:30 Instrument experimentation
13.15 ja 15.15 Musical playgroup for 4-6-year-olds


Löytöretki is a trail in Törnävänsaari and Ruutipuisto nature conservation area intended for children and families. Along the route there are decorations and art made by children, assignments and daily changing activities in Törnävänsaari area. The length of the trail is about 1 km and it is walkable without a guide. Free admission. See map of the route here.

Food & Drinks

There is a lunch restaurant and ice cream stall on the festival area open from 10 am to 4 pm. You are also allowed to bring your own snacks to the festival area.